In life, we daily need to appreciate absolutely everything.

I’m sitting here watching City of Angels. Pretty depressing movie, but it has an amazing soundtrack. In the beginning, Nicolas Cage’s character Seth, an angel, asks the little girl what she liked best about life; she said pajamas. I loved her simple answer.

This movie sparked me to write tonight.

Do you ever ask yourself what do you like best in life?

It’s almost effortless for us to put ourselves in such a robotic and monotonous routine that allows our ability to evade and appreciate small things and moments this life…

How to know if your relationship will last

I’ve had the idea for this article for a while. I wanted to spend more time thinking about it, talking to people about it so I could write this amazing piece of thought-provoking insight. Let’s see if I succeed.

New Love, Consuming Love, Aged Love.

The above are my 3 degrees of In Love.

Let’s talk about these degrees.

New Love

Ah young love, that new love. I honestly don’t think there’s any love better than this love. It’s pure. Do you remember the first memories with your boo? Were they not absolutely extraordinary…

Ice Cream is a metaphor for the simplicity to make a woman happy.

How can you not want to click and read this article with a title like this? I honestly thought of the concept of this article on the way to see my beautiful niece who is four yrs old.

Hazel loves chocolate ice cream. It makes her happy, and she’s starting to realize Uncle Jason is gonna come through with ice cream more often than naught.

I always go back to the simplicities of love when I think about an article. The purity of it. …

Men are from mars and women venus, right? On mars, we compartmentalize.

I use the term “we” loosely because I am horrible at it. If I were graded on trying to compartmentalize the feelings I have for someone, I would get an F, I would not be allowed to pass go and collect $200.

I blame my lack of ability to compartmentalize on losing two people very close to me to cancer early in life within two months of each other. It changed me and who I’ve been forever. …

Have you had your last?

Have you had your last first kiss?

For some, they hope the answer is yes. For others, including myself, the answer is no, not yet.

For as long as I can remember, I have had this heart that has longed for someone else.

In kindergarten, I had a crush on my teacher Mrs. Brown. I can also tell you the names of every girl I’ve ever really crushed on hard. Kristy Brooks was my first so-called girlfriend. I was a 5th grader, and she was a 6th grader. We would write notes to each other…

Lack of sleep and love has made me money, go figure.

I couldn’t sleep one night as per usual. My nights are very lonely, and my mind always turns to love, usually to someone, in particular, that will remain nameless. Hopeless romanticism burns in me, especially late at night when my thoughts are less crowded with the monotony of the assiduous realtor world of 7 am to 11 pm some days.

I needed an outlet for these thoughts other than love letters on my iPhone notepad. Where could I unload these thoughts?

I’ve always been a semi-quasi-writer. I’ve written health…

What love chaos does it take to harden a Highly-Sensitive-Person?

Hi, my name is Jason, and I’m newly aware of the fact that I’m an HSP. Now, are there classes for us or name tags? Can I get discounts at florists or even on therapy? Like how does this work, because I’m a little scared of this new enlightenment about myself.

What is an HSP? A Highly Sensitive Person. Is it someone who cries when Rose lets go of Jack while she has plenty of space on the door in the middle of the icy Atlantic? Is it a person…

It’s the simplicity of remembering how to love young that could bring back memories and create new ones.

I wanted to use a picture of Winnie Cooper and Kevin Arnold from The Wonder Years above but figured it would get flagged. I loved that show so much and their relationship.

Do you remember having a crush on someone in 3rd grade? Or 5th grade? Do you remember your 7th-grade dance? The purity of those times and feelings was terrific—the nerves before holding another girl's hand. The excitement of getting a love letter from her that was sprayed with her perfume…

No more dial-up. No more Fred Flintstone.

As with most of my writings, I was lying in bed very late and reading some posts on Instagram from Sex with Emily. I think she’s fantastic and incredibly insightful and helpful to not only women but any man that follows her. Emily had a post asking the question low sex drive or high boredom?

This post started my writer's brain and usual attack on we men. I write primarily about love and relationships, with some sprinkled in sex articles as well. …

You know what? It’s ok if you do.

Laying in bed late at night, sometimes I wonder if I’m just too picky with what I want in someone. Am I just using my love criteria as a way to avoid ever actually getting back into the world of dating? Possibly.

After you’ve been broken by a couple of people, you tend to be gun shy about trying anymore.

I’m a hopeless romantic who has been single for a couple of years now, much to the chagrin of my friends who don’t get it. I’ve had interested women. I get Dm’d…

Jason Traylor

Realtor by day, Writer by night living near the gorgeous Napa wine country. I write about matters concerning love in our world today.

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