Dating Perspective From A Good Man

Memoirs on Love by Jason Traylor
6 min readNov 24, 2022

A strategy for single good men looking for love.

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I’m going to take a break from bashing my fellow men today in this article. I’m going to focus on the good men out there. I hear you and I see you. I know it’s rough out there for you and your good nature. I am one of you.

Why do good men fail more often than shitty men? Is the cliche that most women want the bad boy true? Is being honest and open and vulnerable while wearing your heart on your sleeve kryptonite to a woman’s desire to date you and establish any type of relationship?

Do we have to play games? Are women only interested in a challenge? Do they think they need to provide a challenge to us?

My god, the dating world is exhausting.

I’ve been reading the art of seduction the past couple of weeks with a friend on TikTok. This book is fascinating and very eye-opening I will say. I believe applying some of these types of seducers to most men is giving modern men way too much credit. Are there fuckboys out there interested in just sex? Yea, absolutely. If you’re a smart woman you can see these pretty boys from miles away. They grow into older FB’s too, so best beware.

Younger women need to go through a couple of shitty men before giving a good man a shot.

The statement above is very accurate and another article I want to write and discuss. Younger women need the challenge and are very much attracted to the bad boy or pretty boy men.

Now, there is this myth that good men must mean they are ugly, dorky, introverts with no style or grooming sense. This is untrue. I have watched hundreds of TikTok's with men crying about how difficult dating is and that women don’t know what they want. Now some of these men could still be fuckboys. I have watched quite of few and seen some genuine men out there with valid points to their arguments about dating. None of these guys are dorks.

I believe there is a popularity in being the social media dating victim.

Everyone, including men, nowadays want to share some horrific dating story or share a heartbreak on IG or TikTok to get views. It’s…