Men Should Always Pay The Bill

Memoirs on Love by Jason Traylor
6 min readJul 30, 2021

Bill paying as a man on a date is a no-brainer. I don’t care if she asked YOU out!

I may have had too much caffeine today because I’ve been on a soapbox in my writings all day long. Plus, this is my 50th writing on medium and I’m hoping one of my best.

Are we really living in a world where men think they shouldn’t pay the bill if they’ve gone on a date with a woman? Can this be real life? Or do these men really think it’s ok to ask to split the bill?

I ask this question because I just read another writer's story on Medium detailing her experience with this.

I’m A Feminist — And I Think He Should Pay The Bill

I absolutely loved what she wrote. Would you mind going to read it and coming back to me? You can see what I’ve highlighted in her article. Claire is dead-on right.

As I read her words, I was like yes, yes, yes, and absolutely.

You can most definitely be a feminist, a strong independent woman, who might even likely make more money than the man you’re out with, and he should still pay the damn bill!!

If the woman insists on splitting it as to avoid any confusion and it makes her feel more comfortable.., that’s something entirely different. As men, we need to put up a good fight to this and insist and ensure which are two keywords. Insist on paying because it’s the right gentleman thing to do, and ensure we expect nothing from paying.

Obviously, I’m a little worked up over this, and I’m not even at the most ludicrous part of the story. I decide I’m going to clap like 50 times for this piece and write a response. I saw there were some other responses and started to read. I almost lost my mind at what I was reading from other men that didn’t agree with her. I screenshot what a few said.

Soap Box Rant

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Memoirs on Love by Jason Traylor