Red Flags Of The Self Proclaimed “Nice” Guys

Ladies, be aware of any man who has to tell you he’s nice.

Photo by Elti Meshau from Pexels

Iam of the old school thought that actions always speak louder than words. I recently wrote an article about how men should always pay the bill when taking a woman out to dinner. I’ve been getting some heat for it and my stance that is unmoveable on this topic.

One recent response to the writing brought an interesting viewpoint on a man paying the bill. A reader stated that “any man who insists on paying the bill for the date “wants” something from a woman.”

Cynicism Party of One.

My God, have we really become nothing but a society of cynical date fear mongers? Yes, there are dishonest men and dishonest women out there. Women may just want a free meal from a man, and men hope for sex by paying for dinner.

I am not naive to good and bad people. I am of the mind that, for the most part, people are good. I’m forever an optimist, especially on matters of love.

I agree that women need to be careful with men and have a much more challenging job in today’s world of deciphering intentions from a man. As men, we need to do a much better job of making a woman feel comfortable if we are interested in them, and it needs to be done in a genuine manner.

I wrote an article yesterday about 5 Dating Languages that structures some behaviors essential to save time from dating the wrong people.

I refuse to believe that chivalry and good men don’t exist still today.

We do, however, there are wolves in sheep's clothing masquerading in the dating scene. These “wolves” are Fuck Boys and Assholes pretending to be “sheep,” the “nice” guys. These men have failed to be successful in dating on their terms, so they’ve decided to pretend to take advantage of women, or maybe it was always their gimmick to deceive intentions.

I can understand a woman’s stance on a man paying the dinner bill and being apprehensive about it. I get it, even as much as I hate it.

I believe some of these readers who were responding to my man paying the dinner bill article doubt the sincerity of my point of view. I assure you that…