The 5 Dating Languages

Learn to speak in ways you can have successful dates.

Photo by Khoa Võ from Pexels

In an era where covid and its many variants are running wild, we really need to maximize the time we do get to date. The dating apps, filters, and social media stalking are all great… but they lack what people are really looking for, which is connection.

I’ve been watching many TikToks, Reels, and reading message boards, listening to what both Men and Women are saying regarding dating. I talk to friends that are dating. There is a consensus that both seem to be extremely tired of dating.

Tired of the same old dating rhetoric.

Tired of having to tell another person about themselves. One girl on a TikTok I saw last night was so funny. In her clip, she said, “do you just want to get married and travel the world together? Because I’m over the dating scene!” I laughed at her brutal honesty.

These clips and messages started me to think about ways people can improve the dating scene. I may not really be reinventing the wheel here with some of these concepts, but I sure as hell am trying to structure them in a more simplistic way for everyone to understand. If there are love languages, there have to be languages that get us to love, right?

I spend a lot of time in the trenches in every way possible other than dating myself to understand this world of love and relationships today. I think maybe I need to try and master it before I do any of it again myself, lol. (Insert Eyes Wide Open Emoji)

These languages or trains of thought will require preparation. Let’s jump into them, shall we?

5 Dating Languages

1. Unfiltered

The language of the unfiltered is the first essential behavior that must be changed. This is a big one. You need to be unfiltered with absolutely everything from the very start, and this includes your damn profile picture.

No one wants to think they are going on a date with Janet Jackson only to find out they got Freddie Jackson, haha!

If you want results and someone genuinely interested in everything about you, then you need to be unfiltered. Your interests, past, future goals. No matter how scary they…

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