Sex Is Not All We Real Men Want

Memoirs on Love by Jason Traylor
3 min readJun 28, 2021

Being sexy and attractive is great, but some real men do want more.

There’s this notion out there that all it takes to please a man is for a woman to be attractive, sexy, and just to remove her clothes, and that’s it. NO. Generalizing, NO.

The only thing that works for is little boys.

Now please, I’m not saying that being sexy isn’t a huge turn-on. It is. A woman who has confidence is very appealing. For myself and other men, an attractive woman is great.., but for relationships, we need more.

Let’s roll through some traits a real man wants in his lady.

Strong Woman

I want a strong woman. A boss. A Queen! I want a woman who will refuse to put up with my shit when I’m slipping. I’m not talking about someone to play mommy to me. I want an equal partner. Strong women are sexy as hell. I want you to have an opinion; I want you to share that opinion. I am not alone with my feelings on this; other men feel me. I want a woman that’s capable of handling herself and not letting others walk all over her. Timid and meek is out. A woman that is willing to get her hands dirty is a turn-on.

Salad Eating Woman Are Out

I love a woman that has food passions. Like she loves sushi. Or can’t live without Oreos while she’s on her period. The woman that loves hitting food trucks or hole-in-the-wall Mexican food spots is amazing. Women who aren’t afraid to eat are the new new. Salads are out. I’m not saying you can’t be healthy or fit, but have some sexy food vices, please.

Vulnerable but Confident

For some reason, I’m attracted to women who aren’t afraid to be vulnerable. A woman who doesn’t feel she always has to look or be perfect while she’s around me—a woman that’s unapologetically herself and authentic as hell. My god, that’s so hot. As a woman, you may not feel cute sending a just woke-up photo, but it’s honestly the cutest damn thing. Raw is real. Real is sexy.


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